Nene Tereza Support Women and Children

Our core aims

  • Support to women and their children suffering emotional, mental, physical or sexual abuse within their home
  • Encourage the woman to take control of her own future
  • Recognise and care for the emotional needs of the children involved
  • Offer support, advice and a safe place to share, confide and discuss solutions
  • Educate and inform the public, the media, the courts, social services and other agencies, on the plight of Albanian women.

Our objectives

  • To offer support on a one-to-one basis, on the phone and via email
  • Provide phycological, emotional and practical help, accompaniment to solicitors and court.
  • Offer children support, health care referrals to partner organisations including social services
  • Enable peer support including information on rights and support.
  • To provide a service which is safe, secure and person centered.

Our principles – Enable – Recognise – Connect - Human Rights


Enable the needs of Albanian children and women to be heard and supported. We recognise the direct and indirect impact of domestic violence and abuse on children and young people and will continue to deliver services and develop interventions to meet their needs.


Public awareness and education by raising public awareness around the complex issues arising from domestic violence and abuse, we seek to address the underlying causes through education, prevention and training work.


Self-help plays a vital role in our work with women and children. Women are supported, as they share their experiences with other service users. Learning from each other as they rediscover their identity and their self-worth. As this develops, self-confidence and self-esteem increases and personal growth and empowerment moving women forward. Empowering themselves to make choices with confidence.

Human rights, equal opportunity and diversity

We are committed to the principles of equal opportunities and to achieving diversity within its capacity as a provider of services. We will actively challenge discrimination both within our own organisation, where it is identified with partners and in the wider community. We recognise domestic violence and abuse as a contravention of the human rights of people within our society.

Get help now

Domestic Violence is a crime. If you are in immediate danger, call 999. If you are being abused, physically, sexually, financially or emotionally, you have choices. You can contact the 24 Hour Domestic & Sexual Violence Helpline –– If you need to speak to someone, we’re available every day, night and day. Call our free and 24/7 hour Support line now on 08 08 16 89 111 or start a live chat any time for free and confidential support and to consider the options available to you. The helpline is open to anyone affected by domestic violence regardless of gender, sexuality, disability, age or ethnicity.

Merr ndihmë tani

Dhuna në familje është krim. Nëse jeni në rrezik të menjëhershëm, telefononi 999. Nëse jeni duke u abuzuar, fizikisht, seksualisht, financiarisht ose emocionalisht, ju keni zgjedhje. Mund të kontaktoni linjën e ndihmës 24 orëshe për dhunën në familje dhe dhunën seksuale –– Nëse keni nevojë të flisni me dikë, ne jemi në dispozicion çdo ditë, natë dhe ditë. Telefononi linjën tonë të mbështetjes falas dhe 24/7 orë tani on 08 08 16 89 111 ose filloni një bisedë të drejtpërdrejtë në çdo kohë për mbështetje falas dhe konfidenciale dhe për të marrë parasysh opsionet e disponueshme për ju. Linja e ndihmës është e hapur për këdo që është prekur nga dhuna në familje, pavarësisht nga gjinia, seksualiteti, paaftësia, mosha apo përkatësia etnike.